Sunday, October 29, 2006

city and castle

so my life has been so crazy! over the past two weeks! and yet i have been able to climb at the city of rocks, castle rock, the nampa rec. center, and the front in SLC. i have been able to hang out with alot of my friends. i am very happy that i have so many friends.

so i headed down to the city of rocks on the 19th jared and i stayed in twin with his mom. we got up on friday and had breakfest with an old friend of tolmans it was really fun to hang with her and watch tolman and her catch up on life. she has a beautiful baby girl and she is really sweet. after spending 3 hours at I HOP we headed to the city to meet up with marcus! we found him sleeping in the back of his car at bath rock. so we woke him up and we went and looked for some cool bouldering. after looking at a few rocks we found what we were looking for. so we went and got the pads and started climbing in the bitter cold! we did the first boulder for about an hour or so. then we moved to the next one which was super hard and way cool! we found a roof boulder problem at the city, so next time some one tells you that the city is all slab tell them they are wrong and go bouldering. i was the only person to climb it! GO ME! it had a really really hard top out! i can't wait to go and try it again and try the other problems that we found! after this problem we were pretty shot, we were really tired so we went and just hung out in bell, while we waited for the girls and hoped that the snow would stop falling! after we got tried of hanging in bell and thought that the girls should be almost there we started walking down the road expecting to find them. little did we know that they got lost and drove all the way to utah. so after walking about 1.5 miles we decided to walk back. once we were back marcus and i set up camp and went to bed. the girls showed up later that night. i slept until morning! we climbed at the city on staurday and had a great time the group we showed around showed up around 1 ish and we just climbed in the city the rest of saturday. after the sun went down we headed to camp and talked with everyone and went to bed. on sunday we headed to castle rock did a fun multi pitch to show our newby climbers what big wall was about even though we only went up 200 feet. after we got off that climb i went and found marcus and the ladies and did this cool climb that marcus new about. great climb! on our way back to find the rec. group me and marcus saw this really cool looking boulder me and him went and looked and we did a cool line once we were on top we looked over one of the edges and found a really really hard line me and marcus were never able to climb it we think it goes about V11 or so but who really knows the line just to the right of it goes about V 6/7 and it was really good. marcus and i worked the V11 for about 1.5 hours then we started the hike out thanks to that V11 marcus and my hands were raw and we didn't climb any more that day. we headed out for the cars and drove home! this trip was one of the best trips to the city that i have ever had i hope that i get to go with everyone again once weather gets better thanks for coming everyone!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

city trip

so i head for the city of rocks tonight! so i am way excited to get there, and start climbing i love the city there is nothing like it in the world and i am happy that it is only 3 hours form my house which makes it really nice when we need some where to travel.

the pictrue to your right is of castle rock! i did a sweet treverse and then climbed a 5.10 a/b i think the funny part was we thought it was bolted and when i got there it was a trad i only had 4 cams on me and two sets of nuts for only doing trad a couple of times i was a little scared. but it went well and it is one of my favoirte climbs at castle and i hope to go back and climb it again! with more cams! if you have never been to castle get your butt in gear and head out there it was a beatiful climbing area and if you like the city you will love castle! the best part about castle is you have to walk in so when you are climbing you don't hear cars drive by and it makes climbing much more enjoy able i hope to see some of you there this weekend if not me and jared should be coming through the area on november the 3rd we are going to a comp in bozmen MT. hope some of you can go with us!

Monday, October 16, 2006

colonoscopy 5.13a/b

This is a climb i am working on it is a 5.13 a/b, it is sick i am going to try and lead it once i have it down but i belive i will be the first to lead it becase it is trad and the crux is the top and there is no where to place it would be at least a 15' fall every time on to not the best of pecies but we will see if i get gutsie enough!?!?! so all of you hard climbers come and climb there is tons of fun climb around. well i will let you know if i lead it! thanks brad for the sweet photo by the way!
climb on everyone!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

i am not strong enough

so i thought i was strong enough and i thought i wouldn't get one of these but i love my freinds to much and i really want to stay intouch and see what they are up to, and let them see what i am up to. so i gave in and made a blog we will see if it works out? well this last week has been kinda exciting, my best friend from utah come home for the weekend! sarah just showed up at my house it was way exciting so i have been haning out with here over the weekend. also i went hiking on saturday we hiked about 6 miles in wildcat canyon it was really ugly and was really rocky so we got to do some sweet scrambling. it was alot of fun and i can't wait to do it when there is water in the canyon this summer! we also did jump creek we hiked about 6 miles in this one to we didn't get to the end because it was getting dark and we had to do a 30' down climb and we didn't want to do it in the dark we went about 2/3rds the way up it. it was really really pretty and i can't wait to finish it soon. there was tons of posin ivy so during the summer it would be really hard to climb. it wasn't to bad yesturday because it was mostly dead! thank goodness. the other exciting part of this week is we got a new baby! first of all if you didn't know my house does foster care so we get kids often. we have a 14 month yr. old and she has a little brother named larry we got him on thursday night he was 2 days old at the time is really cute and i love having a little kid that just loves to hold onto you and sleep so i have also been watching him alot of the weekend because i like him and i like holding kids that don't cry! nothing else really happend to exciting but i will try to keep you posted now!