Monday, March 12, 2007


what a great week! this week is so packed tons of things to do! plus at the end of the week i get to see my friends, as we all travel to utah! i just hope that everyone is having as great of a morning as i am! i get to go climbing today!maybe i can get some more good ideas for the comp i have to set for this week. and maybe i will climb another 13a today that would be cool and then i am going to strat working the 13c that i would like to do! also time has changed so that means we can climb later we should have time to travel and still climb!i hate the winter hours because i can't climb once i get off work unless i go to the gym. the gym is getting old i really want to start climbing out side more! so start planning the trips and lets all go play! everyone have a great day and see you in a couple of days