Thursday, November 22, 2007


i don't know how many people read this but i am sure that there at aleast some the last post was about my car wreck and that was quite a long time ago i now have a new car i am drving a honda element i love it her name is Sage she is green and i super fun to drive. i have had her almost 2 moths so that is cool.

so what have i been up to i am in school so that takes up alot of my time but it is alot of fun. i am taking two classes and am enjoying both of them i am also traveling still as much as possiable. i have been to maple now i went with jared and marcus and cory a while back ago it was really cool place i can't wait to go back. been to redrocks again. and i also drove down to cali in october too. so i have but quite a few miles on my car. i am in richfeild utah right now hanging with the family idrive back tomorrow morning and get to go on a date with the most amazing ladie. so i am excited to get back home to go see my girl friend.

up coming events there is a climbing comp at the nampa rec center on next saturday at least 40 new boulder problems so that is going to be awsome so if you are in the area you should come and climb at it. it will be alot of fun.

well happy thanks giving everyone

have fun.