Thursday, September 11, 2008

the newest project!

i have been climbing super hard with a great friend and climber Mike McMclure we have been trying this wonderful line that we both thought would go pretty quick? boy were we wrong we are now on day 3/4 but we are keeping our hopes up and praying that we can finish one of the hardest lines around. had a few pictures so i thought i would share! pump this weekend excited to see some old friends!

Monday, May 05, 2008

me and my life

hello every one i haven't posted in a long time and some people wanted to know what i was up so so i thought i would share! i am still going to school at BSU it is done in about 1 week. i am dating the most amazing person. kate and i have been dating for over a year now. so that is exciting. i am lucky to have her influence my life! i have another lady in my life i met her on febuary 24 her name is misty i added her to my family. she is a german shepard/lab/chow mix she is really sweet and calm. i sprained my ankle a few weeks ago so i haven't been able to climb much that hasn't been to much fun. so corey and i decided to set up i giant swing to entertain our self a few weekends ago go to coreys blog and check out our super fun new hobbie. we have a few other ones in mind we will keep people posted! here are some pictures of my new car that i got after my other one became a little usless. well i need to go but enjoy i will try to keep up over the summer. hope to see a bunch of you this weekend at tim's reception.