Wednesday, January 20, 2010


a few weeks ago a bunch of climbers from the Boise valley, got together and went and did a session out at renolds creek! It was great to be out there climbing with so many. well we worked on a few different problems but the highlights of the trip was watching rick reuter work his long project of catalisys V10 and get pretty close it was neat! i hope he pulls it off in the next couple of weeks.... the group also worked fundamentals of flow a smooth v9 that is something not to miss. no one sent but Rayn Guerra got super close but he split a finger and had to call it quits but he went back the next week and got it first go! way to go ryan! the highlight of the trip for me was i decided to hold on to a razor blade on Absolution V12... well it worked hurt like hell but i was able to pull it off! 4 days of trying with mike mcclure i always saw this hold and never was willing to commit to it? well i saw a new foot and decided to give it a go! here are the photos of the trip hope you enjoy.