Friday, April 20, 2007

isn't weather great

so i just want everyone to know that the weather is crazy if you have been stuck inside you are not missing much i drove to twin on wed the worst day of the week to do some climbing in a lava tube. it is a really fun place to climb but the holds are really sharp! the drive down wasn't bad just windy not to wet, so we meet cory at the flying jay right off the freeway it started to rain but this didn't bother me because this cave is so over hung it doesn't matter really what it is doing out side you should stay dry. so we drive out there it it just keeps getting worse rain turns to snow and it is super windy! so we park the car and almost run out to the cave get in the cave and climb for a little bit it was good a little cold for my liking but we climbed anyways! so it finally gets Dark and we can't see anymore it the cave so we start to head out and what do we find we find about 1" to 2" of snow on the ground. come on it is april it shouldn't be snowing so we get in the car and start to head back and it was white out conditions it sucked by the time we made it to twin it was back to a rain but the weather was super weird. so i really wrote this blog to just take some time out of work i have a long day ahead of me and it is going to be a slow one! but i do get to go get on a plane later today i am flying down to california to see Kate so i am super excited for that but i have to wait until tonight i don't leave until 7:00 but that is ok!

well life is good here i am just hanging inthere i am still climbing and traveling alot and i work as well but i prefre climbing of course hope all of you are doing well stay out of trouble and hope to see everyone soon. have a terriffic day and climb hard

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wow a whole month

holy cow it has been a month since i have posted how sad!a lothas happened over the last few weeks we had comps to climb and set at, we have had good weather, so i have been climbing as much as possible! i have been attempting this climb that is only a 13a but for some reason it wont let me finish it i just come flying off at the top which might i say sucks, i hate it when you are 4 feet from the end and you can't hang on it makes you feel week but it is such a great route and that is why i keep going back to it! we had spring break 2 weeks ago and my Kate came home for the week so i was able to hang out with her for a week which was really nice. she is such a great person and i am so happy that i know her. i took her caving and she was awesome she said she would never do it again but she hung in there and made it all the way through! so thanks Kate for being adventurous! this last weekend i went to the city of rocks and did some fun lines found this 12c/d that is super cool has a roof in it, can't wait to do that one again. it was so much balance and so technical i really liked it.

this month is just full of climbing and travel! this next week i am heading to Moscow for a big comp and it should be super fun and then we are hopefully stopping in Riggins to do some bouldering. then the next weekend i am flying down to California to go see Kate and go to the beach and it should be super fun also, the last week in April i might be going to SLC to go see some friends so that should be a blast as well!

i hope everyone is doing well and i hope that we all have a trip together soon. because i miss the wonderful people of eastern Idaho and we should all go climbing or camping or better yet both well i need to get back to work hope to hear from you all soon