Monday, February 26, 2007


life is great i relized i haven't posted or done anything really to let my friends know what i have been up to. so it hought i would give it ago at work! so at the climbing wall at the rec center our 6week long comp is coming to an end this week is the last week and we have the finally on saturday so i am sad and way excited at hte same time! so for the past 6 weeks i get to watch people work out 9 routes and see there skills improve and there confidence get better. i have watch some climbers that have never climbed before this comp and now he found a new talent and he is pretty strong for never climbing before! i love wathing people fall in love with the sport of rock climbing. so i have been climb at leslie gulch alot lately and i finialy got a 13b it took me 4 days but after i got it drilled into my brain i sent it on the 8 redpoint atempt it is a really pumpy route i fell off the last move 5 times the other two were at a bump but it is a really rad climb i hope to climb it many more times to come! so to all of my climbing friends there is a comp at the rec center on the 10th and 18th you should come see us and come climb on some good routes and go climbing in twin on the 19th with me i am wanting to go to the tubes or derkies lets go climb on the 19th for fun well i should get back to work hope everyone is doiong well and i hope to see everyone soon!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the guys hope for a vacation


April 12th
Leave Nampa at 4:00pm
2 hour drive
Arrive in Twin Falls @ 6:00pm
Leave Twin Falls @ 6:30pm
3.5 hour drive to SLC
Arrive in SLC @ 10:00/10:30pm
Leave SLC @11:00pm
3.5 hour drive to St. George
Arrive in St. George @ 2:30/3:00am
April 13th

Wake up 7:00 am
Get to rock around 8:00am or earlier
Play at Black rock in the morning and then follow the shade!
Climb all day
Head towards Las Vages after dark
Sleep at mile 13 camp ground

April 14th
Wake up and go climb all day pull hard and have fun!

Night time start the drive to Flag Staff! find some where to camp

April 15-16th climb at flag staff all day on the 15th and half to ¾ of the day of the 16th! drive home on the 16th with ripped hands and lots of energy drinks!

Tell me what you think!!!!!