Monday, May 21, 2007

the crazy travelers

how sad is this i haven't posted in over a month i need to get better at this, so over the last few weeks i have been climbing like crazy traveling back and forth from twin i go down about once a week and go climb with Cory it has been super fun! 2weeks ago i went down and trad climbed sweet line even thought there was bolts right next to it. the line was pure and i really wanted to trad the line so off i went i started climbing super easy then it get to this big bulg super cool part and the crux so i place a BD #2 before i started up the crux that i would say is a good 8-10 feet! i make it up the first four feet with out a problem then i decided to place another peice this being a micro cam from BD .2 small and scary to place so i am just about to pull through the crux and my hands start giving out and sliding out of the crack so i jam it back into the crack and i start sliding out so i am playing this game with my self finger jamming this slopper crack and then i look at my last piece and just hope that it will stay and off i come only putting a 5-6 foot fall in but this is on a micro cam so just a little scared no i was a lot scared but it held and it was an awesome climb! i climbed it right after i chalked the hell out of my hands and the crack. that was the first trad fall of the season and it was a great one. so i have been climbing a lot between here and there and then i had a class fall through at the REC! so i called Cory up and said hey want to drive with me to California on Friday night? he said sure then he also recalled a canyon in the middle of no where that he has wanted to climb in, so i said we could stop at it on the way home so he was super excited for this trip.

so the trip starts to twin and i go pick Cory up from twin it is about 2:15 or so and we hit the road with 11 hours ahead of us i get into drive mode and just crank out about 5.75 hours then i see this canyon and i asked him if this was the one and he said yes so i am just drilling over the lines that i can see from the road but we just keep driving and i we both looked at each other and i told him on the way back he said ok. these lines looked sick. so we make it to vegas around 9:15 or so and fill up on food and gas then we hit the road with another 3.5 hours so to shorten up this up. we make it to Alta loma and i drop cory off at his sisters and then i drive over to loma linda another 30 mins in the car and went to bed at kates home. saturday we went to church it was good he talked about how we need to be prepared for death and not scared of it. it was just a great points. then we went back to the house and changed into some hiking shoes and jeans and we went up to what is called forest falls it was really cool the water was super cold and i am so glad that i didn't have to get into it. then we went back to the house got her studying stuff went to the store bought some food then we went to a house she was watching and i made her dinner it was fun. after dinner she studied i rested/naped then we went back to her house and went to bed i left sunday morning picked up cory and headed back it was a great weekend on the way back we stopped at the canyon it was impressive much taller then it looks from the road there ended up being ancores on the top which wassn't expected so that made it nice but a 5.9 5.10 crack was super cool place ments were good rock was solid and it was a sweet line after that line and an hour and a half later we hit the road again 8 more hours from there and i got home around 1:30am it was a great trip and i am so thankful for my crazy friends that will drive with me for 26 hours so that we can go climbing and see friends and family so thanks Cory! well i am off to work enjoy everyone and Hope to see everyone soon


ps cory, jared and I will be at city and castle this weekend if anyone wants to join let us know